Kretschmer T, Sentse M, Meeus W, Verhulst FC, Veenstra R, Oldehinkel AJ › Trails


Configurations of Adolescents' Peer Experiences: Associations With Parent–Child Relationship Quality and Parental Problem Behavior

Authors: Kretschmer T, Sentse M, Meeus W, Verhulst FC, Veenstra R, Oldehinkel AJ

This research is part of the TRacking Adolescents' Individual Lives Survey (TRAILS). Participating centers of TRAILS include various departments of the University Medical Center and University of Groningen, the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, the University of Utrecht, the Radboud Medical Center Nijmegen, and the Parnassia Bavo group, all in the Netherlands. TRAILS has been financially supported by various grants from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO (Medical Research Council program Grant GB‐MW 940‐38‐011; ZonMW Brainpower Grant 100‐001‐004; ZonMw Risk Behavior and Dependence Grants 60‐60600‐97‐118; ZonMw Culture and Health Grant 261‐98‐710; Social Sciences Council medium‐sized investment Grants GB‐MaGW 480‐01‐006 and GB‐MaGW 480‐07‐001; Social Sciences Council project Grants GB‐MaGW 452‐04‐314 and GB‐MaGW 452‐06‐004; NWO large‐sized investment Grant 175.010.2003.005; NWO Longitudinal Survey and Panel Funding 481‐08‐013, NWO Gravitation 024‐001‐003) the Dutch Ministry of Justice (WODC), the European Science Foundation (EuroSTRESS project FP‐006), Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure BBMRI‐NL (CP 32), the participating universities, and Accare Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. We are grateful to all adolescents, their parents, and their teachers who participated in this research and to everyone who worked on this project and made it possible.

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