Veenstra R, Huitsing G, Dijkstra JK, Lindenberg S › Trails


Friday on my mind: The relation of partying with antisocial behavior of early adolescents. Journal of Research on Adolescence

Authors: Veenstra R, Huitsing G, Dijkstra JK, Lindenberg S

The relation between partying and antisocial behavior was investigated using a sample of Dutch early adolescents (T2: N = 1,076; M age = 13.52). Antisocial behavior was divided into rule-breaking and aggressive behavior. Using a goal-framing approach, it was argued that the relation of partying to antisocial behavior depends on the way the need to belong is realized. Girls, in early adolescence often physically more mature than boys, are likely to seek older and, thus, often more antisocial boys for partying. Unpopular adolescents are likely to be among themselves when partying, and their feeling of exclusion is likely to lead to antisocial behavior. The findings show that girls who party are indeed at a greater risk of engaging in antisocial behavior, as are unpopular girls and boys.

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