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TRAILS magazine is published by TRAILS. It appears in an edition of 3500 free copies distributed to TRAILS participants and other interested parties.

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July 2018

Several researchers and employees of TRAILS were interviewed in this magazine. New research at TRAILS is explained. There are subsidies for research in the field of work and for home visits at TRAILS Next. The new face of TRAILS is former top cyclist Stefan Poutsma. Stefan talks about his experiences in cycling and coaching.

December 2015

Number six. A new magazine with the dutch judoka Kim Polling in The Spotlight! A photoshoot with participants. Several articles and interviews. Attention is paid to the results of TRAILS research in thesis.

June 2014

The fifth magazine appeared. Written for and by TRAILS participants. The head investigator discusses about the future of TRAILS and what is happening with all the data. Some participants let us know what is going on in their lives. For instance singer José about her music passion and Gerard, who has been in Ecuador for a traineeship. Michel, diving instructor, tells us about his travel experiences.

June 2012

The fourth TRAILS magazine appeared in June with articles regarding eating disorders, research quality and research results. Also contributions of TRAILS volunteers Lisanne, Vanessa, Gemma and Rodney. A special part contains information about our new communication campaign 'The making of me'. In the spotlight singer-songwriter Tim Knol about his dreams, live and expectations.

December 2010

The third TRAILS magazine appeared. Again, this year's magazine is full of interesting information regarding the last measurements. We also paid attention to nice results in the field of sport, dating, behaviour and stress. Participants Milan, Wilmer en Udo give us a glimpse at their lives.

December 2008

The second TRAILS magazine is published. This time with all kind of facts about, for example, bullying and alcohol use among young people, and great interviews with, among others, Professor Oldehinkel.

March 2008

The first magazine from TRAILS. Information is given about TRAILS live-lab and the magazine is also packed with scientific information.