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Management Team

The Management Team (MT) of TRAILS consist of principle investigator, scientific coordinator and representatives of research groups which contributed a great deal to the data collection. The MT decides about ongoing concerns and initiated or coordinated activities which are necessary and desired for a qualitative and optimal progress of TRAILS.

Members of the Management Team (MT) include:

  • Prof. dr. A.J. Oldehinkel (principle investigator)
  • Prof. dr. J.G.M. Rosmalen (scientific coordinator)
  • Prof. dr. W.A.M. Vollebergh
  • Prof. dr. R. Veenstra
  • Dr. C.A. Hartman

The representatives of each participant research group takes part in the Participants Meeting (DV) of TRAILS in which progress and quality of the research will be discussed. Tuning of the different groups and new plans and developments will also be on the agenda.

Members of the Participants Meeting (DV) include all members of the MT and:

  • Prof.dr. J. Buitelaar
  • Prof.dr. S.A. Reijneveld
  • Prof.dr. H.W. Hoek